About Us

Our Story

Having worked for a number of years within the planning and development sector, Brownstone was established to provide a land and affordable homesĀ  focused service, working with land owners, register providers and local authorities to unlock the full development potential. With a shortage of new homes year on year we can provide disposal advice and assist in assessing development potential, adding to the pipeline of future residential housing.

Our Approach

Experienced in traditional land sourcing, coupled with the latest technologies in land identification, we work closely with land owners providing the full cradle to grave development service or any part of as required. We are not a large faceless organisation with shareholders but have a passion for unlocking the value of sites, with a strong customer service value. We work with integrity and a high level of professionalism being regulated by the RICS.

Brownstone Surveyors

Chartered Planning and Development professionals with extensive experience in land sourcing, development appraisals and affordable housing.